Flight of Fantasy

Flight of Fantasy

By, Yuliya Lanina
With C. Eule Dance Company

MARCH 21-31

Costumes by Yuliya Lanina Dancers: Yuu Fujita (1st week only), Erin Hunter, Amy Santos (2nd week only), and Alexa Weir.

The installation consisted of a window display composed of a variety of props and materials, including grass, trees, dolls, feathers, flowers and fabrics that extend into the gallery space, creating a imaginative forest-like environment.  An animation, projected on the back wall, continuously played over the course of the show (accept for during the performances).   Several dancers from the C. Eule Dance Company ) worked to bring Lanina’s costumes and images to life with dance performances at 6pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday both weeks.  The performances were based on improvisations and choreography created during rehearsals that will took place during the daytime, where passersby can observe the rehearsal process.

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