09.05.08 – 09.27.08

an installation by Janet Bellotto
Curator: Kóan Jeff Baysa

As pirates have taken to the streams of the Internet and Art appears to be migrating around the globe, almost seamlessly, the stability of our environment becomes evermore important. Oceans and distance are no longer barriers for communication – we weave our daily messages through virtual postboxes and travel along virtual conduits. The space between the real and illusory world becomes blurred, and begins to drown in broken links, frozen images and mixed messages. With a bustling area outside of the glass box, Wave presents objects and places that seem to float away through an installation that uses video, lenticular photography and sculpture. Wave attempts to capture and also question the changing nature of our environment and the possibility of a new Atlantis resurfacing. Ultimately Wave is about that moment looming.

Janet Bellotto is an artist, writer and curator, from Toronto currently working in Dubai.

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