A Spectrum of Jewels
An Installation
By Kaz Maslanka
March 5 -26th 2010

A Spectrum of Jewels is an installation by San Diego based artist/poet/mathematician Kaz Maslanka.

A Spectrum Of Jewels will feature what Maslanka calls a Dodecaorthogonal Space Poem. This type of mathematical poem is constructed with twelve orthogonal space poems arranged contiguously within a Cartesian coordinate system. Orthogonal space poems are always in the form of A equals B multiplied by C. What is different in this new work is that one of the variables in each poem is a fabricated word whose meaning comes from the mathematical operation applied to the other two variables (words). The words were carefully chosen to point to a spectrum inspired by Zen teachings. Thus, the aesthetic value of the piece is derived from visualizing the meaning of all the concepts spread throughout the entire three dimensional space.

The following statements are to help navigate the installation:
The yellow ball is the point of origin for the entire system. The green balls are points in space which represent the meaning of a concept which lies on one of the word axes. A word axis is a one dimensional line drawn between two concepts in space. In a three dimensional space you may have three word axes. The three word axes in this installation are Emptiness/Thinking, Existence/Non-existence and Monasticism/Urbanity. The red balls are points in space to delineate the coordinate pairs for which the orthogonal space poem starts. The poem lies on the planer space that lies between the red ball, the two adjacent green balls and the yellow ball. For a better understanding of visualizing these poems you may want to Google verbogeometry and Orthogonal Space Poem.

The twelve orthogonal space poems are:
Emptiness times Urbanity = Socrastival
Emptiness times Monasticism = Apecksuval
Emptiness times Existence = Doalldoxuval
Emptiness times Non-existence = Nonalldoxuval
Thinking times Urbanity = Selcrasaval
Thinking times Monasticism = Taoodoxuval
Thinking times Existence = Wastconditival
Thinking times Non-existence = Dreemholeval
Existence times Urbanity = Natucrasaval
Existence times Monasticism = Onkeval
Non-existence times Urbanity = Boidasval
Non-existence times Monasticism = Onkeval

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