Hyong Nam Ahn Studio Visit (Sneak Peak)

Posted on: November 23, 2011
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By Danika Druttman

Last Wednesday afternoon, in anticipation of Hyong Nam Ahn’s December show at The LAB, Fantastic Lonely Heart,  Matt, Birdsong and I took our first road trip together.

We hopped in a Zipcar, picked up Soojung Hyun, the Curator of the show, and made our way in the crawling Manhattan traffic, over the GW Bridge, to Hyong Nam’s studio in New Jersey.

Here is our afternoon in a nutshell:

1. Hyong Nam’s studio is a vast space. To get up there, you have to pass a rather eerie pool hall on the first floor, but just one flight further and we trailed into his space to find all his light based pieces on show, fully luminous and alight, it was magnificent.

An excellent way to kick off.

2. Hyong Nam’s very impressive, if not epic, speakers

3. Possibly a new Facebook profile photo

4. Laid out for us was a fabulous spread on a table decorated, appropriately, with Autumn leaves; sushi, salad, fruit, almond biscuits.

5. I am delighted to say, the pièce de résistance was Fantastic Lonely Heart which is in its final phases before it makes it's way to us in December. It's going to look amazing in the gallery.


It's going to look smashing!


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  1. Zero Lastimosa Says:

    Would like to see this when it opens. I heard it was this Friday , Dec, 2nd. But I’m having trouble finding details like time. Any help?

  2. admin Says:

    Hi! The show will run from Dec 2nd-January 6th. We dont do public openings, but do come by to check out the piece when you are in the area!

    Best, The LAB

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