By Pat Badt and Scott Sherk
Curated by Creighton Michael
February 10-March 2 2012

The LAB: GALLERY is pleased to present Intersection, a sound-based, site-specific installation by Pat Badt and Scott Sherk.

Badt and Sherk’s creative practice involves cultivating awareness of the qualities of specific spaces through the realignment of the senses. This installation, Intersection, concentrates on the stop and go of the midtown traffic outside the gallery, focusing on the pulse and energy of the city.  A hanging string column cycles between stillness and movement, while real time video  sonograms and spectrograms are projected on to the gallery walls making the sound of the intersection visual.

Pat Badt and Scott Sherk have collaborated on several site-specific installations, shown at Katonah Museum of Art, the Kim Foster Gallery, Point, Line, Lafayette College, Marshall University and Martial Arts Center, Memphis.  Pat Badt is a painter and a Professor of Art at Cedar Crest College.  Scott Sherk is sculptor who often works with sound.  He most recently completed a sound project for the Katonah Museum of Art and is a Professor of Art at Muhlenberg College.  Together Pat Badt and Scott Sherk curate


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  1. Pat Badt Says:

    Wow! Terrific! (and don’t usually like ANYTHING with images of me.) Thank you.

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